Logistics Management System​

Kayes Trading Est.

Build a logistics management system that will track the product order and delivery transactions
Deploy the application in the office local server
To resolve missing product request and delivery

Small business budget
Three months timeline to complete the application
What web technology platform to be used
Doing other IT support task

Helped organized the delivery request from the level of priority
Minimized the delay of the request and delivery
Improved team performance to finish the job task

Application Users:

  • Company CEO
  • Business Division Managers
  • Project Manager and Supervisors
  • Sales and Marketing Division
  • Logistics and Procurement Division
  • Storekeeper

Project Role: Designer & Front end Developer

Application Features:

  • Sales & Marketing Fill-up Forms (CRUD)
  • Track Delivery Request
  • Project Commenting
  • Document Upload
  • Email Notification
  • Generate/ Print Reports

Process Approach:

Since the company CEO is an experienced system engineer, he created the flowchart of what will be the output of the application, and the process in between.

Platform Research:
Because of the budget concern for the project and the timeline challenge, I’ve spent most of the time searching and evaluating what platform I can use to achieve all the requirements without spending too much time and cost to the project and also for me not to worry to be working on the back-end that will take time to finish. Having handled and managed a web hosting account for years, I have taken advantage of using open source applications that comes with the hosting service, from there, I’ve set up and test all the possible applications and back-end framework which is suited for the project.


After spending days finding an open source web-based application project management, I found a tool written in PHP framework (Symfony). I tested the tool and implemented the front end design concept based with the company identity and other forms needed to make the application fully functional. It took two months to finish the project and presented to the team together with the company CEO. With the help of the team to evaluate  and test the application, within the timeline given the application has been deployed and used by the company employees.

Logisitics Management

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